It’s Here! Explore the all-new 2022 edition of the Holiday Gift Guide

The all-new Landing Company Holiday Gift Guide 2022

It’s that exciting time of the year when we release beautiful new designs to go along with our beautiful classic items in the collection and feature those pieces in the latest edition of the Landing Company Holiday Gift Guide for 2022. Explore the latest Holiday Gift Guide.

We’re featuring designs that evoke the spirit of the tropics & celebrate your sunny day adventures. These vibrant gems that you carry on her journey will be with her throughout all seasons of life.

Explore for her next favorite piece from the collection featuring jewelry gifts in gleaming sterling silver & brilliant gold. Our personal favorite are the new Laguna Key releases in the Sea Pebble series or some of our latest Dream Island pieces but you know her style best.

Check out this latest release for yourself right here…

Landing Company Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Edition

New designs for Holiday Gift Guide

USA Top Rated Beaches for 2021 Are Right Here

Madeira Beach Top 10 Beach for 2021

Exciting News!

We all know that we have some of the best beaches in America just minutes away from the stores. But, sometimes it’s not always near the forefront of national media.

Well today is a little different…

St. Pete Beach has just been rated #1 beach in the United States according to TripAdvisor and (even more exciting if you ask me) Madeira Beach has just been rated #9 on the list.

Pretty darn cool.

So spread the word, and this just reinforced what we knew already. This will generate some extra businesses for the area for sure, and is a very good sign and a welcomed surprise to start the Spring Break season.

The store was founded right here in Madeira Beach back in 2011 with this concept, and we love that there is some national recognition from savvy traveler’s that enjoy some of USA best beaches. I’ve always contended that between Madeira Beach, and Lido Beach, you just can’t go wrong with these two options on the Gulf Coast.

Have a great day!

P.S. Also, ICYMI Treasure Island is #16 and St. Pete Beach is #5 in the world!

Navigate Toward Individual Store Sites

A little known part of each store is the individual store sites that exist for all three Landing Company island stores. One of the main reasons these exist is so that visitor and local alike can get to know us better online, and find exact information for each store such as store hours, address, etc. The usual information that is typically found on local listings. But, we wanted to do something a little more. Something that is unusual for a local listing at a jewelry store.

So we added a store journal in the form of a blog.

Each individual store journal focuses on local events, new featured products, store updates, and travel guides that gets you the lowdown and the vibe in each of the store’s island locations.

Focusing on the local flavor and being surrounded by such dynamic communities in the Tampa Bay area, such as vibrant downtown St. Pete, and the relaxing island vibes of Madeira Beach & Sarasota there is always something on the go, and we love to highlight some of these happenings on the journals.

Here is a list of each of the individual store sites:
John’s Pass –
St. Pete –
Sarasota –

This is a focus of everyone at Landing Company and I know you are going to love seeing what is going in the area.

Enjoy seeing what’s new to discover near the island stores…

–  LC