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A little known part of each store is the individual store sites that exist for all three Landing Company island stores. One of the main reasons these exist is so that visitor and local alike can get to know us better online, and find exact information for each store such as store hours, address, etc. The usual information that is typically found on local listings. But, we wanted to do something a little more. Something that is unusual for a local listing at a jewelry store.

So we added a store journal in the form of a blog.

Each individual store journal focuses on local events, new featured products, store updates, and travel guides that gets you the lowdown and the vibe in each of the store’s island locations.

Focusing on the local flavor and being surrounded by such dynamic communities in the Tampa Bay area, such as vibrant downtown St. Pete, and the relaxing island vibes of Madeira Beach & Sarasota there is always something on the go, and we love to highlight some of these happenings on the journals.

Here is a list of each of the individual store sites:
John’s Pass –
St. Pete –
Sarasota –

This is a focus of everyone at Landing Company and I know you are going to love seeing what is going in the area.

Enjoy seeing what’s new to discover near the island stores…

–  LC

Fun & Filigree Designs

SS-DS-5151 Side Shot

Some new items just landed here at the shop. They are all cast in sterling silver and I think some of these pieces are going to turn out to be some of our favorite everyday pieces, especially the crossover ring. See below for the latest releases.

Night Sky Filigree Necklace & Earrings

Fun & Filigree Night Sky Earring Set
Fun & Filigree Night Sky Earring Set by Landing Company

Lightweight Earrings In Sterling

Enjoy A Classic - Lightweight Earrings
Enjoy A Classic – Lightweight Earrings by Landing Company

Everyday Sterling Rings

Even More To Love - Everyday Rings
Even More To Love – Everyday Rings by Landing Company

These items are all part of the Sterling Silver Designer Collection by Landing Company.

Shop Collection

A Sunset Walk

Madeira Beach, FL - A Sunset Walk

Archibald Park

Madeira Beach; where the shop is located, opened a newly renovated park called Archibald Park. It has been here for a while but the city just dropped a ton of money to fix it all up, and I have to say that it looks amazing. A new snack area and gift shop. A bunch of tiki huts for eating right by the beach, plus a whole new parking area completely resurfaced. It feels a lot better than before and I think it improves the appearance of Madeira Beach quite a bit.

The all-new Archibald Park in Madeira Beach
The all-new Archibald Park in Madeira Beach

I had the chance to take it all in while out for my evening walk, and the added benefit of a beautiful west coast Florida sunset made the trip outside the gym all the better. I find walking perpendicular to the water gives my mental mind the ability to calm down and allows me to think a whole lot better after a day at work. I think it is the horizon which kind of puts me a trance like state. However it could be the sound of the waves, and warmth of warm Florida evening provided a very enjoyable experience. Either way it is was a great evening stroll.

Best Spot For A Walk

Every town has a place that if you want to get away from it all but still be kinda of close to town. Around the lake, by the ocean, a hiking trail, etc. Around here any of the gulf beaches are this spot. Especially toward the end of season when it gets a little quiet. There are no worries getting a parking spot or too many folks on the beach. Don’t get me wrong we love when out of town visitors are in the area, but around the middle of August all the way to Christmas week the evenings are real quiet on the beach. You basically have it all to yourself.

The swell coming in at Madeira Beach just after the sun went down.
The swell coming in at Madeira Beach just after the sun went down. Taken about a week after.

After my walk I didn’t spend a ton of time around the park because it was well past dusk, but I will definitely be back. If you get a chance to hit up Archibald Park for a sunset walk than I highly recommend it.

Speak soon,