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Vibrant designs that capture the spirit of paradise in every facet.

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Explore the signature collection known as Laguna Key. Consisting of 8 vibrant colors & natural gemstone combinations. Each color is inspired by one of the main oceans or the natural seascapes from around the world. All of our signature Laguna Key colors are layered with a faceted Quartz, designed to reflect the movement in the water.

Laguna Key Water Background



Escape to a tropical oasis with Laguna Key Jewelry… Throughout this signature line of exquisitely finished pieces you’ll find a luxurious combination of genuine gemstones and naturally iridescent mother of pearl, in colors that captures the spirit of paradise with every facet.

Inspiration is drawn from the iconic landscapes throughout Florida and tropical locales around the globe. Bringing together colors from the salt, sea, and sand; make a seaside escape with the bright & vibrant colors of Laguna Key.

Cast in genuine .925 sterling silver or 14k yellow gold.

Tranquil Turquoise Jewelry


The inspiration for Laguna Blue is found in paradise… The tropical waters off the shores in the Florida Keys as well as the Caribbean are breathtakingly clear & holographic to see. We captured these natural wonders in physical form utilizing a fusion of genuine turquoise & hand faceted clear quartz. Enjoy your adventures throughout the tropics with turquoise water hues of Laguna Blue which makes it the quintessential color of the Laguna Key Collection. It is undeniably beautiful, & we love bringing you every bright facet in this signature collection. Styles available in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.


Gulf Coast Laguna Rings


Part of the Laguna Key Collection by Landing Company. The Gulf Coast combination of green quartz & iridescent white mother of pearl has been made to capture the essence of the Gulf of Mexico & inter-coastal waterways that weave throughout the Tampa Bay area. Iconic, coastal, shimmering and designed to capture the sunlight. Gulf Coast is a mesmerizing symbol of jewelry engineering and quality craftsmanship. It truly is enchanting to see the quintessential Gulf green color seemingly captured into every piece. Expertly crafted in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.

Laguna Key Rings


This is a color from Laguna Key that you can wear all the time, extremely versatile yet feminine. The combination of the natural white mother of pearl paired with faceted quartz brings in the light and amplifies the beauty that is already present in the natural material. We call this combination Radiant Pearl because it shines like the sun and the prettiest shell found near the shore. This beautiful natural combination is faceted to perfection using our signature faceting technique that allows the light to refract off of different areas of the piece, which adds additional lighting elements across the entire stone surface. Cast in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.


Luminous Shore part of Laguna Key


From the seas of tropical islands found throughout the world comes an exotic blend of natural mother of pearl, Lapis, and faceted quartz known as Luminous Shore. This enchanting combination is inspired by the bio-luminescence known as the “Sea of Stars” a natural phenomena that brings iridescence to both sea and sand. Each piece is expertly cast in gleaming sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.

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