Gifts Under $300

Landing Company

Landing Company Jewelry Gifts Under $300

Explore our beautiful and stylish Landing Company designs, all without breaking the bank. Our Gift guide for great gifts all under $300 are great for any occasion all year long. This catalog shows you the beautiful Landing Company designs with unmatched quality for anyone and everyone, all for an unbeatable price.

Laguna Key

Splash of Color By the Poolside

Idyllic beachside colors are captured in the essence of every Laguna Key collection piece. In our hand crafted pieces, stones are expertly inlaid into each piece and hand faceted. Polished to perfection for you on all designs.

Laguna Key

Colors of the Sea

Landing Company

Ocean Views

Beachside vibrant colors are captured in the essence of every Dream Island and Blue Opal piece. Hand crafted mother of pearl and blue opal is expertly inlaid into each piece. Polished to perfection and adorned with CZ accents on many of the designs.


Vibrance of Sealife