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A little known part of each store is the individual store sites that exist for all three Landing Company island stores. One of the main reasons these exist is so that visitor and local alike can get to know us better online, and find exact information for each store such as store hours, address, etc. The usual information that is typically found on local listings. But, we wanted to do something a little more. Something that is unusual for a local listing at a jewelry store.

So we added a store journal in the form of a blog.

Each individual store journal focuses on local events, new featured products, store updates, and travel guides that gets you the lowdown and the vibe in each of the store’s island locations.

Focusing on the local flavor and being surrounded by such dynamic communities in the Tampa Bay area, such as vibrant downtown St. Pete, and the relaxing island vibes of Madeira Beach & Sarasota there is always something on the go, and we love to highlight some of these happenings on the journals.

Here is a list of each of the individual store sites:
John’s Pass –
St. Pete –
Sarasota –

This is a focus of everyone at Landing Company and I know you are going to love seeing what is going in the area.

Enjoy seeing what’s new to discover near the island stores…

–  LC

Exclusive: Something’s are worth remembering.

In the foothills of the Guadalajara mountains… Exists a guild of artisans who have perfected the art of fused glass making. These craftsmen and craftswomen carefully meld Dichroic glass into beautiful jewelry such as our exclusive place and sea life beads.

With the names of the area; Madeira Beach and John’s Pass, and state; Florida, as well as starfish and palm tree these beads are exclusively from Landing Company and we are proud to offer this range to you.

Get yours now at the introductory price of just $29. They will fit your pandora bracelet or any compatible beaded charm bracelet. They make a perfect memento to remember your vacation by so pick up one or two or three… Limit 12 per customer. 🙂

Here are some more information on how dichroic beads are made…

Dichroic is the art of fused glass making. You take different sheets of glass and artisan foil and forge them in a kiln. This fuses it all together.

After it is cooled a precision laser etches the words such as Florida, etc. into the beads. Then the glass sheet is cut into small pieces to be molded with a glass blowing torch by hand. It is finished with sterling silver inside.

I have got to say, these mini works of art are just great and not one piece is the ever the same. Not only are they available in 3 colors; blue, pink, and rainbow, but will complement and look very nice on your existing pandora bracelet.

At just $29 this is a steal.

Pick yours up today here.

Talk soon,
Landing Company