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Explore the latest edition of the Landing Company Holiday Gift Guide with bright & warm jewelry gifts that she’ll treasure now & throughout every season.

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All Wrapped Up
Dream Island Holiday


Beachside Palette. Unique Designs.

Idyllic beachside colors are found throughout the Capri palette of Dream Island jewelry. Hand crafted mother of pearl is expertly inlaid into each piece & polished to perfection. This year, we’ve introduced the brand new Isla series of pieces, featuring wave shaped mother of pearl and handset CZ crystals to create the stunning pattern. This Isla pattern looks amazing in all of them but we especially like the circle shaped necklace & earrings set, as well as the hoop earrings.


Dive Into A Sparkling Sea.

You are going to love the details on these designs. Instantly recognizable and takes you to the beach. In addition, each piece features little pave cubic zirconias to bring added life to an already fun design. This series Sparkling Sea; which is part of the Dream Island Collection, is cast in sterling silver and finished in rhodium for added shine & easy maintenance.

Landing Company Turquoise Marquee Jewelry


Bright Ocean Hues For Warm Weather Holidays.

A classic combination of bright aqua colored turquoise & brilliant diamonds. Each piece of turquoise had to be specifically sourced & laser cut to fit in the setting. This design works by the beach just as easy as it does in desert locales. We love how this style has become a staple in the Modern Classics Collection by Landing Company.

From our iconic shell inlay necklaces, to perfectly faceted Laguna Key rings, Let It Glow with Landing Company this Christmas…

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Uncompromising Quality

These days a lot of folks are cutting corners, shrinking sizes, or making noticeable changes to existing products. At Landing Company, we DON’T do any of that. We design and build jewelry to last, and are completely uncompromising in our quality. Only using the finest natural materials & authentic gems that pair with genuine silver or gold is how we’ve made jewelry for 20 years, and are not making any changes now. You can expect to find the best quality of Landing Company jewelry we’ve ever made, right now in store or online. We know you love your jewelry & we always strive to provide the best for your wearing enjoyment.


Paradise Polished

Beautifully faceted natural colored gemstones makes the perfect gift for this time of year. Each piece has been faceted using our signature cutting technique which accentuates the light & creates an organic feeling to each gemstone.


A (Sandy) Winter Wonderland.

These pieces will warm you up in no time… In the Laguna Key Collection, there are 8 coastal colors and none are more versatile & classic as the Radiant Pearl combination. The sandy & pearlescent hues of Mother of Pearl combine with hand faceted quartz to create a truly wonderful combination. Everything is set with hammered bezels and will look great no matter where she goes. The designs are cast in genuine .925 sterling silver or 14k yellow gold.

Landing Company Band Rings


For The Special One.

These Band Rings by Landing Company are for the person whose special in your life. Available in a variety of inlay materials & forged in Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium, or Titanium. In stock & shipped fast complimentary.

Click here to explore the entire collection of Band Rings.

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