Discover Gold Laguna Key

Discover A Golden Piece of Paradise


Discover a golden piece of paradise with the signature Laguna Key collection, cast in genuine 14k yellow gold. Available in Laguna, Gulf Coast, Radiant Pearl, Luminous Shore, Pink Orchid, and vibrant gemstones. Every luxurious facet captures the spirit of the topics and is made to shine in timeless designs.

Radiant Pearl | Mother of Pearl and faceted quartz in 14k yellow gold.

Radiant Pearl lends a subtle sparkle that reminds you of the light cast upon an open sea. The natural simplicity of mother of pearl enhanced with clear quartz adds a classic elegance that radiates the wearer’s natural beauty.

Luminous Shore | Lapis Lazuli, Mother of Pearl, and faceted quartz in 14k yellow gold.

Capturing the bioluminescence of the “Sea of Stars,” Luminous Shore is a unique combination of Lapis, Mother of Pearl and clear Quartz. The first designed triplet added to our signature collection brings iridescence to both sea and sand.

Pink Orchid | Pink Mother of Pearl and faceted rose quartz in 14k rose gold.

Delicate and vibrant, sun-kissed Pink Orchid is inspired by those warm, well-traveled days. Faceted rose quartz and pink mother of pearl combine for the prettiest of pinks. A color designed to add an elegant tropical touch to your jewelry collection.

Each piece comes with a custom aqua gift box, & a canvas pouch for maximum covetability (and giftability).