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Product Spotlight: Ocean Drop Necklace

Ocean Drop Necklace by Landing Company

Product Spotlight Ocean Drop Necklace

Starting the year off with a few new things on the blog. This is a first of some of new features we will be doing throughout the year. About once a week, we’ll highlight a product from the shop and go in-depth to learn all about that particular item. First up in this new Product Spotlight section is the Ocean Drop Necklace. At Landing Company we are always on the lookout for interesting and unique pieces, and this one of them.

Unique & nautical…

There is something inherently natural with the ocean drop necklace. It is not quite nautical, but it is definitely not in the classic sterling category either. It sits somewhere in between. Which is exactly what we wanted. We had some really nice starfish and other sea life motifs in the seaside collection, so when we set out to design a new item we wanted it to be different from what was already in the collection. After curating hundreds of items we finally had found what we were looking for. The ocean drop necklace.

All about it.

Ocean Drop Necklace by Landing Company
Ocean Drop Necklace by Landing Company

Introduced in the middle of 2013, and has been a hit with our customers through the shop ever since. The piece is concave on the back and is completely finished with sterling silver and hallmarked with LC for Landing Company and .925. One the front it has Created Blue Opal inlaid in sterling and designed in a wave pattern. Created blue opal has a mosaic pattern with blues, and greens with just the right amount of shimmer. Just like the sun hits the water while your by the shore. Because of these properties the blue opal makes the perfect material for the Ocean Drop Necklace.

A piece of the ocean.

A reminder of your time spent by the shore.
A reminder of your time spent by the shore.

Most of the sterling silver necklaces are shown with a sterling silver box link chain. It is a beautiful classic chain and comes with a round lobster clasp. This chain looks really good with the built-in round bail of the ocean drop necklace so it will the pendant will not independently move from the bail. This provides a more contoured and modern look to the piece.

If you are looking for something to wear while you’re at the beach or remember those warm day spent near water the Ocean Drop Necklace is a really nice choice. Shop for your necklace right here.

For more info about the Ocean Drop check out the piece or drop us a line in customer service. One of us from Landing Company will get back to your right away.

Ocean Drop Necklace Video

Speak soon, and happy shopping.
– Mark
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