Top 3 Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Men [2013 Edition]

Top 3 Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Men
Top 3 Jewelry Christmas Gift Ideas for Men from Landing Company

What do you do for the guy who has it all?

The weather is frightful (except in Florida), Christmas Carols has been playing non stop since Halloween, Santa Claus has been confirmed as a fan of Mercedes Benz by those crazy amount of TV commercials, and soon visions of sugarplums will be dancing across the dreams of little ones across the land.


You can’t forget that special guy in your life. So, before ole’ Saint Nick shimmies his bag of goodies down the chimney you can surprise your father, brother, son, boyfriend, or husband with a handsome piece of Men’s Jewelry from Landing Company.

There are three options to go here.

They are the most requested choices from our customers and are my go-to recommendations when someone asks…

[quote]”What do you have for the guys?”[/quote]

But, before I get into the full recommendations I want to be perfectly clear, this is the 2013 Edition. Meaning it is completely current for this year’s Christmas season. Which means the content in this article is the most timely and up do date information I have. It could change or it could NOT change either way I will let you know next year with a brand new edition. But, right now this is good to go for this year so let’s dig right in to the three things you can’t get at the Apple Store.

Recommendation #1: Men’s Jewelry by Aagaard

Aagaard Mens Jewelry
Aagaard Mens Jewelry

Originating in Denmark, Aagaard Men’s Jewelry combines stainless steel and premium leather for a very unique combination. There are over 100 links that you can buy to customize your bracelet. Some prefer to wear it plain, however the real magic happens when you craft your own unique mixture of high quality stainless steel links that slip right onto the bracelet for a look that is as unique as the person your buying it for. The color of the links are available in the all new gunmetal color, blue, silver, gold, brown, and black with dozens of different styles in each color category.

If you didn’t want to customize it, don’t worry. Our expert team at Landing Company has put together some of the best selling design combinations through our physical retail location and have made these available online for your buying pleasure. These curated bracelets feature 1, 3, or 5 links on either Brown or Black bracelets. We have taken all of the guess work out of it, just pick the size and add to cart. Done. Check a name off your list.

A little helpful hint on sizing, the bracelets come in small, medium, and large. 80% of the the time the medium works great, but, if you are buying for someone that you know has a really small, or really large wrist then go with the small or large instead.  Plus, it is easy to get the bracelet on and off using the magnetic assist-to-close feature that screws on tight afterward so it won’t fall off. Each link is held in place using black silicon stoppers so the links will not move around on the bracelet. Setup the combination the way you like and keep it that way.

These Aagaard Bracelets are a perfect gift for the modern man and I think it is a great accessory to wear everyday. Whether he is going to work, the coffee shop down the road, or a wedding this bracelet is a modern men’s accessory he can wear anywhere.

Men’s Jewelry by Aagaard from Landing Company comes in at #1 on the gift ideas for Men. Next up…

#2 Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless Steel Jewelry
Stainless Steel Jewelry

Back in the day Men’s Jewelry consisted of a few Crosses, and a select chain or two. Flash forward to today and stainless steel is seen as a growing segment in the jewelry world and we have brought you the best Stainless Steel Men’s Jewelry on the market today. With revolutionary new styles that have taken Men’s Jewelry to a whole new level.

Even as you look at the showcases across many large jewelry companies you will still see Men’s Jewelry as being an afterthought. So, last year at Landing Company when we first introduced our men’s collections we wanted to do it right.

Not only is each piece expertly designed, it is also made from the best materials and finishes on the planet and we have the selection to back up the promise we made to ourselves a year ago. Brand new designs are being introduced all the time, and we never stop innovating. One of my favorites is the Ship Cable Collection that pays homage to the fishing elements of the area where the shop is located (Madeira Beach) but it also brings a level of distinction that is found on many of the other pieces in the collection. I cannot stress the importance of quality materials in Stainless Steel Jewelry, because one of the benefits of stainless is ease of wear and longevity. When you pick up a chain or pendant in person you can just feel the weight and build of the piece. With the right amount of care the person that receives it will enjoy it for years to come.

In addition to the classic shapes and designs, you should check out the entire selection of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. You know who you are shopping for the best, and whether it is a Celtic Cross Pendant with Oxidized Wheat chain, or Sovereign Steel Collection you are definitely going to want to check out the entire range of Stainless Steel Jewelry by Landing Company because words simply cannot do these pieces justice.  Now, let’s experience the island lifestyle with…

#3 Koa Wood  Rings

Koa Wood Rings
Koa Wood Rings

This is one of the best things that happened this year for the store. Picture this for a moment…

The sway of the palm trees, the sound of a shorebreaking wave, a warm breeze on your face, and a island cocktail in your hand. This is a where these rings are expertly crafted amongst the lush tropical landscapes in the islands of Hawaii. Alamea Koa Wood Rings are forged in Titanium and it allows the wearer to bring a sustainable piece of luxury along with them on their journey.

Made from titanium,lightweight by its very molecular nature and the rings are molded with a comfort fit band for exceptional wearability and comfort. The person you are buying it for will barely know its even on… it’s that comfortable. In addition to Koa Wood, there are several other types of exotic wood like the reddish-brown color of Cocobolo, and light Tulip wood so there are many options for you to choose from.

The classic 8mm band is my go-to style when recommending a ring to a customer. No matter which exotic wood you choose it showcases it perfectly and it looks great on many different hand and finger sizes.

As far as rings go, these are simply some of the best. There are several designs in each of the different wood types. Great for that person in your life that enjoys the outdoors and an adventure. An Exotic Wood Ring will keep him grounded and allows him to bring a piece of the islands along for the ride. Shop the entire collection of Koa Wood Rings, and if you have any questions at all just contact us and will be glad to help answer any product related inquiries you might have.

In conclusion…

Well, that will do it for this year’s holiday round up of the top 3 jewelry Christmas gift ideas for men. I hope this will find you well and you have a very special holiday season amongst friends and family. Landing Company brings in only the best jewelry for men and the person you will be buying for is very lucky to have a person like you in his life.

Thanks, and Happy Shopping!

– Mark
Landing Company


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