Boracay Exotic Classic Ring


The Boracay series of inlay rings by Landing Company features ebony wood. This luxurious, dark wood is rich in color and grain. Inlaid into titanium & forged with the embedded comfort fit; made for exceptional everyday wear.
-Ebony Wood Inlay | Titanium Band
-8mm band width
-Embedded Comfort Fit

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Product Description

The Ebony Wood Titanium Band 8mm is the perfect ring for everyday wear. Our Titanium and Ebony Wood Rings are versatile to wear. We bring you a great tropical wood called Ebony. The wood has a deep rich brown and black grain and is a dense hardwood. Which gives it an earthy appearance. It is known for power and protective properties. We combine it with Titanium, which is one of the strongest metals, also known for how light weight it is to wear.

Titanium is named after Titan Greek Gods from Greek Mythology which were the Gods of the of Earth. Titanium can be found in most living things. Titanium is the 9th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. In its natural state it’s only found bonded to other elements. Titanium is 45% lighter, though is comparable in strength to steel. Titanium is a popular metal used for jewelry because it has characteristics that are non-reactive and non-toxic. Titanium is non-magnetic and has a very high melting point. Titanium can be found in some types of stars, on the moon, and in meteorites.
Wearing one of our Titanium and Ebony Wood Rings, will bring the comfort fit of our Titanium bands with the raw feel of the Ebony wood grains together. To be worn daily or wherever tropical breezes take you.

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