Gemstone and Shell Information

At Landing Company our extensive gallery of genuine Gemstone Jewelry features beautifully designed silver work with all natural gemstones, shells, or woods from around the world. Below you will find profile information & other characteristics on the Gemstones & other Natural Materials we carry.





Color: Varies; greens, blues, purples.
Notes: A shell of prosperity and healthfulness. Connected to the sea and to nature. Thought to bring harmony in your relationships.


Color: Purple
Notes: A stone of wisdom and peace. Worn as a reminder to take things one day at a time. Perfectly cut for exceptional clarity and design. Birthstone of February.


Color: Yellow, Brown
Notes: Our collection features exclusively Baltic Amber. Amber from the Baltic region is the oldest in the world dating between 30 to 40 million years old. Amber is found in a variety of colors depending on the environment where it was found. Signifies health, success, and courage.

Blue Topaz

Color: Blue
Notes: A reminder of the ocean. Fresh and airy. The shimmer of the faceted cur Blue Topaz showcases the very best qualities of the stone. Birthstone of December.

Black Spinel

Color: Jet Black
Notes: A rare color of Spinel. A stone of protection and relationships. It also goes great with many looks. Featuring facets to bring out the natural subtle sparkle of the gem.


Color: Yellow
Notes: Citrine, a yellow quartz gem, adds a squeeze of lemon sparkle to any jewelry design. This all natural gem, cut with facets which shows off the best qualities of the stone. Birthstone of November.


Color: Red
Notes: Genuine coral dyed red for exquisite beauty. Symbolizes life and protection. Used in jewelry making for thousands of years. From the Mediterranean Sea.


Color: Purple, titanium, blue, white, varies.
Notes: Over the course of thousands of years, geological crystallization forms on the surface of stone. This naturally occurring phenomena is called Druzy. Perfectly showcasing the natural beauty of mother earth. Comes in a variety of colors.


Color: Red
Notes: Symbolizes loyalty and kindness. According to legend, Garnet protect travelers when they are far from home. Faceted cut for design and beauty. Birthstone of January.


Color: Blue & White
Notes: Found only in the Caribbean. The rare natural gemstone features calming ocean blue colors. Thought to assist in healing. and to increase luck.


Color: Black with hints of blue.
Notes: Originally discovered in Labrador, Canada in 1770. The color of the stone reflects the natural beauty where the stone is found. High quality Labradorite has an iridescent effect when light refracts on the stone. A stone of imagination, clarity, and luck.

Mabe Pearl

Color: White
Notes: Brilliant pearls selected for their natural beauty and color. The unique hemispheric shape defines the Mabe.


Color: White translucent
Notes: This translucent stone when turned displays blues, whites, and a wide spectrum of color. As such, the ancient Romans believed Moonstone was solidified moon rays. A stone of wishes, intuition, balance, a purity. Named the official Gemstone of Florida in 1970 to memorialize the American Astronauts who landed on the moon a year earlier.

Mother of Pearl

Color: White
Notes: A shell of purity and goodness. Channels the natural energy of the oceans. Retains order during uncertain tides.

Nautilus Shell

Color: Off white shell color, painted.
Notes: A shell of innovation and possibility. It’s sacred geometry reminds us that all things are possible. Hand painted and resin set.

Peanut Jasper

Color: Brown and White.
Notes: A healing jasper of brown and white coloration. Known to help the wearer stay focused in solving life’s challenges and for enhancing determination.


Color: Green
Notes: A gem of the cosmos. On Earth it forms in volcanoes, under tremendous heat and pressure. Treasured in Hawaii. The island of Oahu even has beaches made out of tiny grains of peridot. Birthstone of August.

Shiva Shell

Color: White
Notes: An all natural shell from Bali Indonesia. Symbol of the ocean, positivity, and protection in life’s journey.

Smoky Quartz

Color: Dark Brown
Notes: Nature’s stone of endurance. A grounding stone that wards away negativity. Enhances organization and clarity of thoughts.


Color: Turquoise
Notes: Known as the “gemstone of the people” for its use in almost all known cultures in history. Our collection features Tibetan Turquoise, recognized as some of the finest quality turquoise in the world. Thought to bring good luck and fortune.