Island Style for the Summer

Pink Mother of Pearl Necklaces
Pink Mother of Pearl Jewelry Collection
Fall in Love with Island Style and the Pink Mother of Pearl Jewelry Collection by Landing Company

The solstice just passed and everyone here at the shop are enjoying nice Florida weather and those long summer nights.

With the spirit of summer definitely here, I’m super excited to share this one with you guys, introducing the New Pink Mother of Pearl Collection by Landing Company.

We are always looking for unique materials to bring to you, especially ones that embody the beach vibe and look beautiful when worn. Larimar, plays a big part in this mission for the last couple of years and we are always innovating with new pieces in this collection.

So, when we had the opportunity to use some of these beautiful pink mother of pearl shells we had to put together a collection of our best selling designs from the Larimar Collection cast with this new material. Honestly, I think it turned out great.

Pink Mother of Pearl Bracelets
Pink Mother of Pearl Bracelets by Landing Company

“A reminder of the island lifestyle…”

That is what really comes to mind when I look at this collection in its entirety. First, it is a brand new material for Landing Company; the natural beauty of Pink Mother of Pearl shell is contrasted by the sterling silver. Second, additional design touches enhance the entire appeal of each piece, with many featuring clear crystals; others feature nautical patterns such as the Sea Turtle, and Palm Trees.

In jewelry, you want to have complementary materials in a collection and I think with Landing Company being known for Nautical Jewelry this further cements our specialty.

The introductory collection has launched in store, and online, just in time for your summer trips to the beach.

We’d love for you to share this with your friends, and you can view the Pink Mother of Pearl Jewelry collection right here on

Enjoy those long summer days!
– Mark
Landing Company

Top 5 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day [2014 Edition]

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #1: Larimar Jewelry

I think it goes without saying that Mother’s are special in our lives. There is a special connection that is inherent from birth that we share, and on Mother’s Day we have a chance to make that day special for her. Traditional things such as flowers and going out to a nice dinner are a nice choice. But, jewelry is also at the top of the list of gifts to give for Mother’s Day. So, we wanted to showcase some of the categories of products that we think you should keep in mind as you make your final decisions.

Here are the Top 5 Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from Landing Company…

#1: Larimar Jewelry

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #1: Larimar Jewelry
#1 – Larimar Jewelry by Landing Company

Larimar is a natural blue and white gemstone that is from the Caribbean. If you are not familiar with the stone then you should check out Discover Larimar Jewelry to read all about it. The stone is stunning. In the last three months we have introduced some wonderful designs cast in genuine sterling silver. Larimar is not found at a lot of stores, and the stone itself is only mined in just 1 sq. mile, so you are getting something very unique. If she has a connection to a coastal area then this reminder of the sea is a great choice.

#2 STORY by Kranz and Ziegler

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #2: STORY by Kranz & Ziegler
#2 – STORY by Kranz & Ziegler

STORY is really taking off. Not only is the line of leather wrap bracelets comfortable, and fashion forward but, they just introduced the new SPRING 2014 line. The new collection has some beautiful designs, and an entirely new line of watch charms that can go on your STORY to make it a functional timepiece. STORY does decorative pieces extremely well; which makes it a timeless accessory that she can wear to accessorize any outfit. The charms come in a variety of finishes such as sterling silver, gold plating, rhodium plating, and the all new rose gold. Over on our sister site there is a fantastic write-up of the new STORY Spring 2014 collection. You can shop online or contact us to place your order.

#3 Nautical Jewelry

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #3: Nautical Jewelry
#3 – Nautical Jewelry by Landing Company

This is our specialty. We are always innovating with new designs in the Seaside Collection. If you’re stuck on what to give, you can’t go wrong with a starfish. We have them in classic sterling, created opal, and clear crystals the choice is yours. Lately we have been introducing some nice sea life themed pieces such as seahorses, turtles and dolphins. The entire range is cast in sterling silver so these little pieces of luxury will be ready for when she spends time near the shore.

#4 Created Opal

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #4: Created Opal
#4 – Created Opal Jewelry by Landing Company

This is another great gift idea for Mother’s Day. Many styles are available in white or blue created opal. Created opal is a shimmering material that has little flecks of green, whites, and blues that picks up the light as you move the piece from side to side for an exceptional look. One of the most loved pieces is the Ocean Drop Necklace in this collection. It is the right size and shape, and it brings a subtle piece of the beach without going for a more nautical motif. The entire collection is cast in sterling silver.

#5 Inis Energy of the Sea

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea #5: Inis Fragrance, Energy of the Sea
#5 – Inis Fragrance

Ireland’s best selling fragrance is so fresh and clean. It is like a day at the beach. Inis, Energy from the Sea imported from Ireland and our customers just can’t get enough of it. People love that this is a relatively new fragrance in the United States because they don’t run into themselves. You can always start with a 1 oz and try it out.

Are you in the area? Stop by the shop in John’s Pass and check it all out for yourself. There are also many items that we just received in sterling silver that are not online yet, so you can always swing by the shop in Madeira Beach or phone 727-392-1415 for more information.

That will do it for now. I hope this rundown provided some inspiration…

– Mark
Landing Company

Sail Away with Anchor Jewelry

Provinceton Anchor Bracelet by Landing Company

Spring is definitely here in the Sunshine State, and along with the warm days and lapping waves comes some new items. Anchor Jewelry always looks good, and we just added new designs and items to the website. I think you are really going to love these pieces.  Our fans have gone crazy for anything anchor so we wanted to showcase some of the best.

Take a look at the whole collection here…

Anchor Jewelry by Landing Company
Anchor Jewelry by Landing Company

There are two kinds of new Anchors, one is the Newport Anchor Necklace which features a weaving rope throughout the piece, and second is the Atlantic Anchor Necklace which is a petite symbol with a high polish finish. Both styles come in golden, and silver color metal.

Also, the Provinceton Anchor Bracelets are a great find for $19.99

Provinceton Anchor Bracelet by Landing Company
Provinceton Anchor Bracelet by Landing Company

If you are into Anchors than check out the entire Anchor Jewelry category to shop for you favorite.

– Mark
Landing Company

STORY jewelry featured in InStyle Magazine

Well, this is exciting. STORY by Kranz and Ziegler has just been featured in InStyle magazine the March 2014 issue.

It previews three bracelets and is found in the INFASHION section of the magazine. Just so you know, there are generally two releases of STORY. One in the Spring and one in the Winter which means new STORY charms and bracelets are on the horizon appearing sometime around mid to late March 2014.

STORY Bracelet InStyle Magazine Feature in March 2014 Issue
STORY Bracelet InStyle Magazine Feature in March 2014 Issue

STORY is doing some pretty amazing things with this latest release for example, adding an entirely new category of watch charms that slide onto the bracelets. This turns your existing bracelet into a timepiece that you can customize using different watch faces and charms. There are also some new charms in beautiful rose gold vermeil. Plus, much more.

InStyle features one of these watches and the other bracelets are in the seasons best colors. Here is the complete listing of the bracelets and charms featured in the magazine.

Top Bracelet:
Silk Bracelet, Olive – Item #: 1004486 – $89
Faceted Labradorite Bracelet – Item #: 1404877 – $379
Baroque Globe Charm in Rhodium Plated – Item #: 6008984 – $99
Blooming Spring Charm in Sterling Silver – Item #: 4208731 – $69
Baroque Ring Charm in Rhodium Plated – Item #: 7008702 – $59
Nouveau Drop in Sterling Silver – Item #: 4208044 – $89

Middle Bracelet:
Silk Bracelet, Beige – Item #: 1004482 – $89
Lambskin Bracelet, Sand – Item #: 1004878 – $89
Around the World Charm Gold Plated – Item #: 5208552 – $99
Sparkle Watch Charm – Item #: 1924052 – $189

Bottom Bracelet:
Lambskin Bracelet, Purple – Item: 1004907 – $89
Feather Ring Gold Plated – Item #: 5008830 – $59
Amethyst Deep Eyes Charm Gold Plated – Item #: 5208888 – $99
Baroque Ring Charm Gold Plated – Item #: 5008702 – $59
Raven Skull Charm Gold Plated – Item #: 5208298 – $89

Sparkle Heart Charm – Item #: 6208853 – $189

You will be the first to know when the Spring 2014 collection is ready to order so stay tuned for that. This should be happening in the next week.

InStyle Magazine March 2014
InStyle Magazine March 2014

Let us know in comments below if you liked the new bracelet combinations.

That’s it for this time.


Heads up on new Spring Arrivals

New Spring Arrivals landing on the 21st
New Spring Arrivals start landing on the 21st.
New Spring Arrivals start landing on the 21st.

Times like these makes us thankful that we’re a Florida based company. If you in the area for the winter you know what I mean. Beautiful weather, sunshine, and no snow. Sorry to our northern friends who probably has it up to here with long winter. I was told by a supplier of ours that she had to shovel out of over 1 1/2 feet of snow just to get to work. Yikes! I digress… The main reason for this post is I wanted to tell you what we’re up to.

We’ve been busy in the studio and the shop getting ready for the Spring season with fresh new merchandise. If you are coming down to the shop in Madeira Beach, you can check it all out as it is available right now. However, over the next several weeks we will be showcasing some of the new products for spring such as…

  • Anklets
  • Light spring scarves
  • New fashion jewelry
  • New Opal jewelry
  • New sealife designs
  • Plus much more.

There is some exciting things we are doing for this season and we can’t wait to share it with you. As an aside, the wishlist feature is now available on the website so you can create a listing of items to share with a friend.

Keep this date. All of the new merchandise starts landing on the 21st of February.

Speak soon,
Landing Company