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An Origin Story

Deep in the tropical island of Dominican Republic, a hidden treasure that captures the beauty of this Caribbean oasis has rested deep under the island’s central volcano site. Hardened and formed by the wildly powerful forces of volcanic activity, the Gemstone Larimar was born. Colored by the nutrient rich soil and geology of Dominican Republic, Larimar is one of the few true gemstones of the Caribbean.

Immerse yourself in the discovery of Larimar. The exotic luxury stone of the tropics, and one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.

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The name larimar has two parts stemming from its origins; Larissa daughter of the missionary who discovered the stone on the island many years ago, and Mar Spanish for the word Sea. Larimar is also known as “the stone of the ocean.”

In its raw form, the stone reminds us never to judge a book by its cover, for within the gruff and rocky exterior contains an unprecedented beauty that lovers of gemstone jewelry have appreciated since its discovery. With the helping hand of nature and a little luck, a good Larimar stone’s interior features a stunning display of blue and white colors that is sure to please the senses.

Found in just 1 sq. mile in the remote Dominican rainforest, miners extract the rough material in hopes of finding quality stone that can make it into the jewelry. This makes it one of rarest naturally occurring gemstones in the world.

Here are three things that describe the variation in colors in a good quality piece of this Caribbean Gemstone.

  • Ocean & Sea Blues – Just like the immense display of color in the Caribbean Sea
  • Shorebreak Whites – Inspired by the crashing waves as they wash up on shore
  • Lagoon Greens – There is a hint of green which gives an exotic and tranquil element

The above three colors are mixed in harmony to achieve its Larimar’s unique appearance. But, the design of each stone is entirely up to mother nature. No one piece is ever the same which makes it one of the few visibly different stones in the world.

Drawing from its roots among paradise some say the stone has calming properties. A piece of Larimar can be worn as a reminder to take it easy and relax. It can be also be an excellent keepsake to remember your time spent by the shore.

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World-class quality Larimar Jewelry is what we do. If you are looking for Larimar Necklaces, Larimar Bracelets, Larimar Earrings, or Larimar Rings you have found your source. With our many Landing Company Exclusive Designs and our unprecedented selection both of which makes us one of the largest luxury Larimar dealers online and through our Florida flagship store.

We know you have a choice when shopping for Larimar online but with Landing Company quality workmanship, good stone quality, industry leading customer service, and reasonable prices we encourage you to check out the entire selection of Larimar Jewelry on the site.

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Not all Larimar is created equal. Like diamonds and other natural gemstones there is a grading scale which provides clarity and explantation on the varying degrees of quality that exist in the market. You can spend a lot of money buying the wrong Larimar stones, that’s why the source where you purchase is very important. Below is a listing of the different variations.

AAA Quality Larimar
Landing Company Jewelry Grade Quality Rough Larimar


  • Below Grading: Dull color, brown inclusions present, no blue
  • A Grade: Dull color, minor inclusions present, Green and White color, very little blue tones
  • AA Grade: Good color, may include very small inclusions, more blue color than before, reduced but still mix of green and white color
  • AAA Grade: Great color, mixed blue tones is prevailing color, no inclusions, may include minor green color, white in vivid contrasting detail with pattern
  • AAA+ Grade: Excellent color, no inclusions, no green tones, mix of blue tones light and dark is prevailing color, white details enhance piece in interesting patterns

AAA and AAA+ is Jewelry Grade quality. Landing Company only uses this type of stone. Jewelry grade is the top 5% of all of the Larimar in existence. Which by its very nature makes it difficult to procure and curate it from all the other stones that are out there.

Due to the natural variation in each stone the items pictured in the catalog may not necessarily be the one you receive. However, we only sell the best. So, it will be beautiful. As always, there is a generous return policy with regards to the Gemstone Collection items and if you are unsatisfied with the item(s) you receive you can gladly exchange it for another piece.


Each jewelry grade piece must first be tumbled, cut, polished and hand inspected before we set the stone into our smooth polished silver designs.

As you can imagine there is a lot of effort that goes into each Larimar Jewelry piece from Landing Company. From design and curation, to the skilled artisans and silversmiths that make each piece, to the stone cutters that have learned the art of jewelry making passed on from generation to generation.

So, we only use the best stones and best quality sterling silver. Plus, the entire collection is backed by our Gemstone Guarantee. We guarantee that each piece is genuine Larimar and 100% authentic.

The definition of AAA Grade Larimar is the marbled mixture of prominent blue and white colors that highlight the composite nature of the stone. The sea blues, shorebreak whites and lagoon greens are hallmarks. Look for stones fitting this description with little to no imperfections.

Polishing Larimar
Larimar Jewelry getting a final polish.

Hopefully you are more educated on the difference in Larimar quality. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and that you are getting a truly beautiful piece of Larimar.

We have been in the gemstone and silver business for over a decade and take great pride in the quality, detail, and workmanship that goes into each and every piece of our Larimar Jewelry here at Landing Company.

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Sterling Silver Larimar Necklaces
Landing Company Sterling Silver Larimar Necklaces

terling silver jewelry has really come into its own in recent years as many high end designers are taking this precious metal to new and exciting places. Seen now as the “go to” metal due to appearance and affordability.

Aided with latest technology and casting practices we are really seeing many innovations in sterling silver jewelry across the entire jewelry industry.

As such, we are always introducing new designs taking full advantage of these advances. With a core base of classic designs and shapes, the range is enhanced with brand new designs. Some in limited edition and others which are added to the core collection.

So be on the lookout for new styles added to the site and subscribe to the email newsletter as we always let our subscribers know first when new styles are introduced.

Since its inception Landing Company has always specialized in nautical and gemstone jewelry cast in sterling silver and as such the entire range in this collection is cast with the metal. Made with the classic brilliance of genuine 0.925 sterling silver content each piece can be worn everyday or on occasion and with the right care you will keep its original luster for many years to come.

Another great aspect of jewelry cast in sterling silver is that it pairs well with a lot of outfits, and can be worn casually when walking barefoot in the sand, or dressed up when going out to a nice sunset dinner or cruise ship dance.


The team here at Landing Company expertly designs and curates new and exciting ways of presenting the collection. From our most recent items, to the classic shapes and sizes we ensure you always have many choices when purchasing a piece larimar jewelry.

Many designs are made to showcase the natural beauty of the stone, in contrast to the more stylized options. Below is a spotlight on some of the broad categories that make up the entire collection.


Classics Collection

A true classic never goes out of style. Timeless designs like the teardrop, oval, round, marque, or square. Available in a variety of sizes and cast in silver. Pair them up with matching earrings, bracelet, and ring to complete the look.


Contemporary Collection

Inspired by many cultures across the ages of time, these contemporary and unique designs draw inspiration from the past such as the filigree silver work and multi gem combinations featuring genuine blue topaz, and druzy quartz.


Nautical Larimar

A seaside collection of nautical themed pieces featuring the best motifs from the ocean. A fun and exciting mix of sea turtles, dolphins, sun bursts, and other oceanic life. These designs pair very well with the natural properties of the gem.


Gallery Collection

Extremely rare one of a kind art pieces. These gallery items are truly exquisite specimens. Due to the limited nature of these items only one of each piece exists, so you will receive the exact item as shown online and in the pictures.


ne of the more popular things to do with Larimar jewelry is building up a set; this would be defined as having a necklace, earring, bracelet, and ring featuring the gemstone all in the same style.

While each piece is beautiful on its own, combining the beautiful elements together creates a gorgeous display of Larimar that is distinct and as unique as you are. This is a great gift idea and style tip that many of our customers have done in the past. It really does give a nice accent to your look when a teardrop necklace is matched with a set of teardrop earrings.

Lots of our customers love wearing their jewelry at special events, family gatherings, boat cruises, vacations, and even around the office.

Some customers have even added the bracelet and ring to match which further enhances and completes your collection. Due to the popularity of this Caribbean Gemstone many people know of Larimar and will often go out of their way to complement good looking Larimar Jewelry when they see it.

At Landing Company we sell entire sets individually in varying shapes and designs such as teardrop, square, and oval.
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Larimar for Weddings
Landing Company Larimar is perfect for beach weddings.

Larimar for Weddings

here is a lot of things to prepare for a beach wedding but, when it comes to choosing the right jewelry for the entire bridal party including the bride and bridesmaids we have you covered. Larimar is an absolutely perfect addition to your wedding, especially given its color which is very complementary to the surroundings of your big day. There are many easy and relaxed styles of Larimar Jewelry to choose from so go ahead and select the piece you want. Simple stud earrings, petite teardrop necklaces, and even complete coordinating set can be supplied.

Since the gemstone is blue by its very nature it can complete the… “Something blue…” part to the classic tradition. In addition, it makes a treasured keepsake on your honeymoon and the many years of happiness with your new partner.

We get a lot of inquiries about supplying Larimar sets for the bride and bridal party and can make special accommodations for making the jewelry part as easy as possible. If you a wedding planner or agency, part of the family or friend, or just have general questions about Larimar Jewelry for Weddings please do not hesitate to contact our Shore Weddings department at Landing Company. Priority delivery options are may be available.

So contact us, we’d love to help you make your special day even better.

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