Sweetheart Gift Guide

The Valentine's Gift Guide

The Sweetheart Gift Guide

Find what you love for a special occasion or a just because, these sweetheart gifts are beautifully crafted in designs that are made to show your affection. Pretty pairings and perfect matches for your one and only, all expertly crafted in sterling silver or 14k yellow gold.

The 2019 edition is full of delightful details and signature styles in new gemstones for Landing such as rough cut ruby and brilliant white diamonds. In addition, brand new concepts in personalized like the True North necklace and Traveler’s Necklace which let’s you show you love for that special place that’s close to your heart.

Together Heart Collection

Together Heart Collection

The new Together Heart Collection is made with a combination of metals; sterling silver and a solid piece of 14k gold. The linked two-heart design signifies the connection between two people, as love is one of the truest forms of human expression and has no beginning and ending. Available in a necklace, ring, and stud earrings.

Delicate Diamonds

Delicate Diamonds

Brilliant diamonds & silver combine for an effortless essential that is sure to wow. This entire collection is made to become one of your favorite pieces that you’ll wearing again and again. Available in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver.

Personalized Necklace

Personalized Necklaces

Treasured keepsakes personalized with your message. Personalize these new designs with an endearing message, a special date, initials… The possibilities are endless. At Landing Company, we engrave and ship them to you quickly, turning these classic pieces in silver, gold, and rose gold into a treasured keepsake that you’ll cherish forever. The completely refreshed personalized collection is now available to order.

Engravable Bracelets

Personalized Adjustable Bracelets

These versatile new pieces are fully adjustable, utilizing the latest in jewelry design and engineering. Each piece can be personalized in a variety of styles that are engraved in house.

Traveler's Necklace

Traveler’s Necklaces

Remember the place that’s close to your heart… Each piece is personalized with custom latitude & longitude coordinates and engraved to order in sterling silver.

Rough Cut Ruby in Classic Sterling Silver Designs

Rough Cut Ruby

Experience these beautiful natural gemstones that are carved & faceted from the organic rough of Ruby. Beautiful color and slightly translucent, we love everything about these new Ruby Rough Cuts. Designs are in classic Laguna Key styles which accentuate the stones. Available in .925 sterling silver or 14k yellow gold.

Pink Orchid The Color of Now

Pink Orchid

Delicate and vibrant, this sun-kissed Pink Orchid Collection is inspired by those warm, well traveled days. Faceted rose quartz and pink mother of pearl combine for the prettiest of pinks. A color designed to add an elegant tropical touch to your jewelry collection. Styles available in sterling silver and 14k rose gold.

Radiant Pearl Laguna Key in Gold

Radiant Pearl

The Radiant Pearl Collection can be your new go-to for some subtle sparkle that reminds you of the light cast upon an open sea. The natural simplicity of mother of pearl enhanced with clear quartz adds a classic elegance that radiates the wearer’s natural beauty. This versatile color is finished beautifully and designed for everyday wear.

Amethyst Jewelry Collection

Amethyst Jewelry Collection

Amethyst is a classic semi-precious gem and is found in a variety of shades that evoke shades starting from beautifully soft lilacs, all the way to a deep purple. In this collection we’ve taken this birthstone of February and modernized it for today’s wearer. With delicate settings and designs you’ll treasure these pieces year after year.