Discover Sand Dune

Discover Sand Dune

From the shores of the beaches found all over the world comes a luxurious blend of dark mother of pearl and clear faceted quartz known as Sand Dune. Part of the Laguna Key Collection by Landing Company, this iconic and shimmering collection is designed to capture the brown colors of the sand and reflect with light. Each piece is expertly crafted with .925 Sterling Silver.

  • Orchid Sands Tide Pool Necklace

  • Sand Tide Pool Ring

    Orchid Sands Tide Pool Ring

  • Orchid Sands Triple Drop Earrings

  • Sand Dune Mini Teardrop Necklace

    Sand Dune Mini Teardrop Necklace

  • Sand Dune Stud Earrings

    Sand Dune Button Stud Earrings

  • SS-LK-092 Sand Dune Cabana Necklace

    Sand Dune Cabana Necklace

  • Sand Dune Mini Teardrop Earrings

    Sand Dune Mini Teardrop Earrings

  • Sand Dune Teardrop Necklace

    Sand Dune Teardrop Necklace


The Inspiration

The main inspiration for this color combination was the sands along the dunes of the beaches found where the origin of Landing Company began, in Madeira Beach. We love showing all the brown facets and craftsmanship behind the piece in this special collection.

The Origins

In The beginning of the Laguna Key collection the main focus was on the colors of the sea like; Laguna Blue, Luminous Share and Gulf Coast. They have become essentials and customer favorites in our collection featuring the different colors of the water and brightness. But we felt there was something missing to really tie in the collection that features the beach. What else besides the water makes up the beach? Sand! And so, the Sand Dune Collection was born. Sand Dune is truly unique in its color that it’s unlike anything else in the Laguna Key collection, it captures the light in special way with the hand facets of the clear quartz really capturing the browns of the sand.

The Natural World

Every piece in Laguna Key is crafted by hand utilizing a combination of craftsman and technology. Nothing in Sand Dune is synthetic. So when you see pieces throughout the collection, no two are going to be exactly the same, there is going to be a slight variation in color due to the stones being natural. That’s what makes it so special. Every piece is going to shine in its own way. Knowing you have something so personal and unique celebrates the fact that nothing in nature is perfect and is one of the beauties of Sand Dune. Since no one piece is exactly the same from design to design you can truly make it your own piece of paradise. We know you will love each piece and wear them again and again!