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From the seas of tropical islands found throughout the world comes an exotic blend of natural mother of pearl, Lapis, and faceted quartz known as Luminous Shore. This enchanting combination is inspired by the bio-luminescence known as the “Sea of Stars” a natural phenomena that brings iridescence to both sea and sand. Each piece is expertly cast in gleaming sterling silver.

Luminous Shore Inspiration

Inspiration Found

We are delighted to bring you Luminous Shore; the newest color from the signature Laguna Key collection . This enchanting palette celebrates the bio-luminescence found throughout our world’s oceans. Deep beneath the surface or near the shores, bio-luminescence is seen throughout the wonderful corals and sea creatures that reside in the depths. It is a phenomenon that makes it foreign in the human world yet familiar to behold. The pieces in Luminous Shore keeps us connected to the oceans and can serve as a token to remind us of the preciousness of nature and our environment for it’s beauty is something we want to protect for ourselves today and for the generations in the future.

Luminous Shore Teardrop Earrings Flavor
Luminous Shore Poolside Necklace & Earrings

The Origins

In the beginning of Laguna Key we focused on the lighter colors of the sea. Great examples of this is the Laguna Blue, and Gulf Coast colors. They have become an island essential featuring water colors and brightness which has made it a customer favorite. So, when it came time to design our newest releases we felt that a color was missing. After many sketches and concepts; pairing variations of gemstones together, Luminous Shore was born.

One thing you’ll never forget is when you see the color for the first time. It enchants and draws you in. It’s a color that is somewhat foreign and rare, but you know you like it. When you go in for a closer look it’s the combination of natural materials paired with the quality of workmanship that makes Luminous Shore a very special piece of jewelry.

The color is not quite navy blue, and not quite purple. Perhaps somewhere in between. Wonderful shades of purple amethyst crystals, and Atlantic water blues are blended throughout this delightful combination.

Mesmerizing To See

Developed by Landing Company, this is truly an achievement in gemstone jewelry. Utilizing only natural materials, this color starts with top quality lapis lazuli featuring little flecks of gold resonating throughout the stone in tones of deep navy and royal blues. For those not familiar with Lapis, it is a semi-precious gemstone that has been used since the dawn of human civilization, and features a deep and mysterious blue color. Regarded since antiquity for its color & protective properties, it is also said to release stress and create a calmness amongst the wearer. Which is highly appropriate given the inspiration behind this new color.

Then a thin layer of Mother of Pearl natural shell is fused to the lapis. This adds iridescence & texture throughout the piece and brings life to the static. To complete the triplet, a final layer of hand faceted clear quartz is applied. This top stone is expertly cut by hand for every piece to capture the light in your surroundings and brings this brightness into the layers below.

This my friend, is when the magic happens.

Brilliant light, beams throughout the piece to create a mesmerizing display that pays a homage to the bio-luminescence of the sea and brings the stone to life.

Luminous Shore Rings

The Natural World

The pieces found in Laguna Key are not mass produced, they are crafted by hand utilizing a combination of craftsman and technology. Nothing synthetic is used in Luminous Shore. So, when you turn the piece from side to side or browse other pieces throughout the collection there will be a variation in color on each of the stones. That’s the special part of this combination because every piece is going to be a little different. Nature is funny this way because nothing is the same; beautiful in its own right, but not identical. These truths keeps us grounded and reminds us to accept the natural world around us for what it is.

From the craggily paths in the woods throughout the pines, to the unexpected currents in the oceans, to the vast coral fields found across the sandy bottoms beneath the waves, there is a simplicity in the un-refined. Knowing you have something uniquely personal and celebrating the fact that nothing in nature is perfect is one of the beauties of Luminous Shore.

Since no one piece is identical from design to design it’s a perfect example of highlighting the organic and raw qualities of nature. It’s your tiny treasure, a one-of-kind piece of experiential jewelry that you’ll enjoy telling friends and family about the story behind the piece because we know you’ll love to wear it again and again.

Let’s talk about the ocean…

There is something to be said about being connected to it. The connection is wonderful yet so hard to find especially if you live and grow up in a city. Even when you are not around the ocean regularly, there is something inherently human about protecting it for the future generations. Celebrating it in little ways, big ways, and enjoying it when we can. Even it is for only a few brief moments. It is within this space of time that we can feel the connection.

That’s another reason why we love Luminous Shore. Not only does it showcase excellence in jewelry engineering but it bridges the divide between the human world and the ocean world. It reminds us that we are to be good stewards of the sea; and in general we are to be good stewards of nature.

The Designs

Cast in gleaming sterling silver, and finished in rhodium for easy care and maintenance. In addition, you’ll find all your favorites such as Cabana, Poolside, and the Teardrop designs in this full introductory release. We love bringing new and exciting designs throughout the year, so check with us for the latest offerings.

To view the entire collection, shop here or at a Landing Company retail store.

We know you’ll have fun and love this new color as much as we did bringing it to you. Enjoy, and remember. There’s always something new to discover.
– Landing

Luminous Shore Cabana Cuff Bracelet
Luminous Shore Cabana Cuff Bracelet
Luminous Shore Earrings in Cabana and Poolside
Luminous Shore Earrings in Cabana and Poolside

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  • Luminous Shore Cabana Bracelet

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  • Luminous Shore Cabana Cuff

  • Luminous Shore Mini Square Ring

    Luminous Shore Mini Square Ring

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  • Luminous Shore Button Stud Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Mini Oval Earrings

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  • Luminous Shore Sunshine Ring


Every now and again something makes you stop in your tracks and just take life in. The world seemingly stops spinning for a minute, and things get quiet all around you. In the end, you get absorbed in the moment. The enchanting colors of Luminous Shore is one of these moments. Something impossible that shouldn’t exist; yet it does. Something that upon first glance you know you love it. – Landing

  • Luminous Shore & White Sapphire Y-Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Mini Teardrop Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Teardrop Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Teardrop Necklace



  • Luminous Shore & Radiant Pearl Bangle

  • Luminous Shore Poolside Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Round Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Statement Round Necklace



  • Luminous Shore Mini Teardrop Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Poolside Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Poolside Stud Earrings



  • Luminous Shore Ciega Ribbon Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Ciega Ribbon Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Madeira Ring

  • Luminous Shore Round Stud Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Coastal Ribbon Necklace

    Luminous Shore Coastal Ribbon Necklace

  • Luminous Shore Poolside Ring

  • Luminous Tide Pool Necklace

  • Luminous Triple Drop Earrings


  • Luminous Shore 5mm Poolside Stud Earrings

  • Luminous Shore 8mm Poolside Stud Earrings

  • Luminous Shore Coastal Ribbon Earrings

  • Luminous Tide Pool Ring