Laguna Blue | The Color of Paradise


Enjoy another day in paradise… Bright & tropical water hued layers of turquoise & quartz that is faceted to capture every ounce of sunlight. Evoking the spirit of the waters surrounding the tropics, discover this color in the signature Laguna Key Collection. Expertly forged in sterling silver & 14k gold. 


Laguna Blue Inspiration

The Inspiration

The inspiration for Laguna Blue is found in paradise… The tropical waters off the shores in the Florida Keys as well as the Caribbean are breathtakingly clear & holographic to see. We captured these natural wonders in physical form utilizing a fusion of genuine turquoise & hand faceted clear quartz. Enjoy your adventures throughout the tropics with turquoise water hues of Laguna Blue which makes it the quintessential color of the Laguna Key Collection. It is undeniably beautiful, & we love bringing you every bright facet in this signature collection.

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Turquoise is found in a variety of shades, however the particular turquoise we use for Laguna Blue is specifically selected for Landing Company to capture the essence & color of the holographic waters found throughout the Florida Keys & the Caribbean. The turquoise is brought to life with hand faceted clear quartz that is cut slightly different on each and every piece to bring out the brightness & accentuate every element of the layer below. The fusion of these two natural materials brings a water-like essence to every piece, and as you move the design from side to side it capture the sunlight wherever you are.

Laguna Blue is available in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, & rings & is cast in genuine .925 sterling silver & 14k yellow gold.

Laguna Blue Cabana Necklace

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