STORY for Valentines Day 2014

STORY for Valentine's Day 2014
STORY for Valentine’s Day 2014

Make her day with a heart STORY charm for Valentines Day 2014 that shows her your love is endless.

One of the main elements that make up the charm collections from STORY by Kranz and Ziegler is the heart design. STORY has some of the most beautiful heart charms out there, so with Valentine’s Day coming up lets take a look at some charms and bracelet combinations for Valentines Day 2014.

Love at First Sight

When you met your sweetheart for the very first time you’ll never forget it. Although the circumstances change across the many stories told from couple to couple the timeless meaning; although cliché at times, is “Love at First Sight”. So, with this button charm available in all three metals; sterling silver, gold plate over sterling, and black rhodium over sterling, it beautifully showcases the love you have for one another. This charm is accented with a tiny crystal, just the right touch to your STORY bracelet.

STORY Harlequin Heart Charm
STORY Harlequin Heart Charm

Harlequin Heart

Next up is the Harlequin Heart charm. This one was released in the new Winter 2013 collection and was an instant classic. A dangle charm by style with clear crystal detail that forms the harlequin pattern around the charm. It has a uniquely STORY pattern and style; which is just as unique as the person wearing it. This one is available in Sterling Silver so if the person you are giving this charm already has Sterling Silver charms on her bracelet, it would look stunning. Definitely one of the more popular charms in the collection, and rightfully so. With its unique style and flair it, she will love it.

Full Heart

This is one of the original pieces for STORY, and as more collections were released additional colors and metals were introduced. This piece has brilliant AAA CZ crystal pave around the entire charm. A real showstopper. If she likes her sparkle than this is definitely the piece to go with, cast in sterling silver and three more combinations one of which is really Valentine’s Day-esque. When this charm is on her bracelet it will remind her that your love is pure and always with her no matter where she goes.

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