New Story Spring Summer 2013 Collection

New STORY by Kranz & Ziegler

New Story by Kranz & Ziegler 2013
New Story by Kranz & Ziegler 2013

The new spring and summer 2013 release of STORY by Kranz & Ziegler brings exciting charm designs and fresh on trend colors of bracelets. Also, expanding the line with jewelry items in their most popular motifs these new pieces are sure to delight and give you even more opportunities to continue your STORY.

New bracelets

Grey Snakeskin and Garnet Wrap Story Bracelet
Grey Snakeskin and Garnet Wrap Story Bracelet

Some of the best colors of the summer have been made into lambskin 3 wrap bracelets. There is a mint green, blush pink, and sand beige. These are some of the most popular colors this spring and summer season and really capture the feel of this time of year. Also, 3 new snakeskin colors are available as well, in pink, green, and tan. Of course, all the bracelets are available in all sizes. You can rock the best colors of the season and freshen up your story bracelet using your existing charms, for just $89 for the lambskin and $149 for the snakeskin.

The gemstone bracelets for STORY can be worn with charms or without, but either way there are a couple of new gemstone bracelets in made with Blue Quartz and Amazonite which are both available to purchase.

Brand New Charms

STORY is known for their flower, and heart, and creative designs and those design elements continue as new spacer and story button charms have been introduced in this release. Some of my favorites are the flower spacer with CZ in either silver or rhodium plate. Also, the double heart design in all three metals is a great look too.

Not to disappoint with their unique design, many fluid elements are found in this collection. Many of these new story charms feature pave inlaid CZs which add a touch of sparkle to your bracelet.

[quote]A lot time has gone into the design of these pieces and we know your going to love it as much as we do.[/quote]

Make a Statement

One interesting thing that was added this time are over sized pieces, taking the classic heart and artistic designs these statement charms are a very different look to add to your Story than is traditionally found with the other charms. Each piece feature CZs and instantly you can add the statement your were looking for with these Statement charms.

Jewelry & Stacking Rings

A complete new category for Story by Kranz and Ziegler is coming sometime around June and July. The jewelry line featuring the most popular motifs from the bracelet collections made into necklaces and earrings. Cast in brilliant sterling silver, gold plate, or rhodium plate these piece offer another way to accessorize with Story. Stacking rings has also been added to the line. Featuring many undeniable Story designs these stacking rings can be paired with your existing rings or new stacking ring collection. These new stacking rings feature some beautiful designs, and feature gemstones or pave CZ. Look for these exciting new categories around the middle of summer.

Updated Discover Story

As an aside, since this is a major new release the Discover Story section of the website has been completely updated with the latest information. Which makes it a great to introduce a friend or familiarize yourself with the entire story line.

A Fresh Campaign

New 2013 Starter Campaign Story Bracelet
New 2013 Starter Campaign Story Bracelet

The spring/summer 2013 campaign starter bracelet is out and features a pave cz button on the black lamb skin. Available in all sizes and at just $99 is a great way to get started with STORY. It is a beautiful bracelet made from high quality premium lambskin leather stitched and finished with a magnetic clasp. As for the charm I had a peek at one in person and honestly I can say that this is the best campaign bracelet that they have yet. It features many page CZs and looks great on.

[quote]STORY is the premium leather wrap bracelet on the market today.[/quote]

These are exciting times for STORY as the innovations and designs from this collection are constantly improving and keeping up with the latest trends in the marketplace. I encourage you to browse the website and customize or add some of these new charms to your collection. It is a beautiful everyday piece that you can share your story.

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All items are currently available and are ready to ship out on click here to get started today. Thanks for reading.

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