[NEW release] STORY Winter 2013

STORY Winter 2013 Release Top Graphic

Introducing the brand new Winter 2013 collection of STORY by Kranz and Ziegler. These edgy designs with fall and winter colors are a great enhancement to an already fantastic collection of jewelry. Check out the latest items Story Winter 2013 collection or keep reading for a complete rundown of these new pieces.

The design of STORY jewelry is really starting to differentiate themselves in the market. Not only have they introduced some wonderful new charms that are leaning more toward decorative than figurative like the Diamond Shape Pendulum Charm in all three metals or the Show Stopper CZ Slide Charm that makes a statement to any STORY bracelet but they’ve also added a brand-new steel bracelet concept that pairs really really well with your existing or brand new story bracelet. The mix of leather, natural gemstones, exotic snakeskin, and sterling silver weaves around your wrist for an incredibly chic and fashion forward look.

“These new STORY items allow you to craft your STORY even more and elevates the design of the entire range.”

The last release, we saw the best of Spring and Summer brought through the entire collection and right now that is what’s happening with this Fall & Winter release. New, season appropriate colors that are perfect for holiday gatherings and a more “crisp air” time of the year.

STORY Winter 2013 Bracelets

The 4 new colors in the lambskin and as always you can’t forget about the classic black which is great because you can wear it throughout the entire season.

[Trend Alert] Exotic Snakeskin

Another great iteration to the line is with the snakeskin bracelets, they have been loosened up some, for comfort. Not to the point where you can see a noticeable difference but it is a lot more comfortable to wear and I think this is the best time that the snakeskin has ever looked and with the exotic trend going on right now I can’t think of anything more appropriate to finish off your fall outfit with a snakeskin story bracelet. As an aside they do run small so order one size up. If you are normally a 57cm order a 60cm.

New Pearl Wrap Bracelets

The gemstone bracelets especially the pearl; which just came out in 5 new colors, faceted hematite and smoky quartz as well as the black onyx are all beautiful bracelets in their own right. These can also be worn as a layered necklace but the real magic happens when you pair it with a snakeskin or lambskin bracelet and make kind of a double wrap with a few charms featuring some brilliant clear CZs. “It’s just a spectacular look”.

STORY Winter 2013 Charms

Many of the new charms include clear CZs which adorn the surface. This adds just the right amount of shine when you add it to your bracelet. STORY has done a great job of adding these CZs in just the right places to avoid being too harsh or taking away from the piece. It simply enhances the drop and button charms with this added sparkle. Also, two themes emerge from this time around, diamond and geometry.

Diamond Charms

Liz always said diamonds are a girls best friend. So, now there are now three new charms that not only have CZs but are shaped in a diamond pattern which gives a very sexy look to your bracelet. I like that story has decided to play with the the diamond theme this time around. Because the timeless glamour of a beautiful diamond never goes out of style.

You can see by some of the images from this years story winter 2013 lookbook and below for inspiration. So, throughout this release is the continuation of this type of layering look and is elevating the style of STORY. There is no doubt that STORY by Kranz and Ziegler is the premium wrap bracelet brand on the market today.

As always STORY does trend a little on the edgier side. Ok, sometimes a lot more, but it is one of the hallmarks of the line and is a complete compliment. There’s not a lot of jewelry out there that looks anywhere close and as they continue to evolve as a brand which is accompanied by these latest pieces, STORY keeps getting better and better.

I find that with the affordability of sterling silver it is a really popular metal this season and is always classic.

[Trend Alert] Black Rhodium

The black rhodium pieces over Sterling are showing up in a lot of designer collections right now and this line does a great job of coming up with creative designs that showcase this trend.


The bracelet gallery has been completely updated with all of the brand-new merchandise in addition to the winter 2013 collection charms have been added to the website. Plus, we have gone through a redesign here at StoryBracelet.com which is part of Landing Company to make your shopping experience even better.

The store is in John’s Pass Village, Madeira Beach and while we are an authorized retailer there as well as an online retailer which means for customer service and the actual fulfillment of orders, it will all be done through the shop. We ship out orders all the time and since this is an imported line from Denmark, and we have stock on a lot of these items, right now is a perfect time to start looking at these types of bracelets for the upcoming holiday season or if you’re just buying a really nice treat for yourself it is a great time to get your order in. I think STORY has really outdone themselves and it’s a beautiful collection for the fall and winter 2013.

One thing to keep in mind is we are going to be showcasing some of the prebuilt ready-made bracelets already on the site that can be purchased here in the completed bracelet category. However, you can also derive some inspiration from these professionally put together designs. In the gallery you will notice some really impressive pictures of their latest release including the images from the lookbook.

A brief social media update, we are pinning on the Landing Company Pinterest board all the time so check that out too for more STORY inspiration. So that will do it for this update be sure to check out the entire collection which is available right now on storybracelet.com thanks and speak soon.

– Mark