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Add Some Story Sparkle To Your New Year

Story by Kranz & Ziegler feature very intricate CZ designs on some of their charms, some pieces like the sea horse and owl just feature a nice little cz for the eyes to add a hint of sparkle. Others, such as the cz drop really go all out. Either way, at we added a new category to make it easy for you to find all the charms with cz crystals on them.

When it comes to how much sparkle you prefer I’ll leave that choice up to you, but now if you are looking for some you can get to it easily by clicking Shop CZ Story Charms off to the right on every page.

Naturally, the work that goes into each cz design puts the charms and buttons on the higher end of the Story price range but I don’t think you need a lot charms to make a big impact. Take this design which is one of my favorites.

You can easily replace the Pave Charms with CZ Spacers

It features just a 2 cz story buttons and I think it really works in this bracelet. You could easily replace 1 or both of the charms with a CZ Story Spacer Charm and it can give almost the same impact.

The cz story spacers are also a great way to add some extra sparkle to your bracelet. The large round cz in either gold plated or sterling silver. Both are beautiful and gives you cost conscious way to dress up your bracelet.

Story CZ Spacer Charms

I think that will do it for now.

Have a great New year from all of us at

– Mark

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Story Commercial [Video]

Story by Kranz & Ziegler released a new video. The commercial promoting the brand of wrap bracelets and charms focuses on the spur of the moment love story. Check it out for yourself here…

I kinda like the dark edgy-ness of it, very fitting because Story by Kranz & Ziegler is a very edgy fashion forward brand. Very different than a lot of the bracelets on the market right now.

Talk soon,

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New Story Buttons Added

The entire listing of in stock Story Buttons have been added to the site.

From the Amethyst and CZ button to the classic heart and flower ones there over 12 designs to choose from. This go perfectly with your Story bracelet and looks great along charms. Give it a little different look.

Story Buttons Now In Stock

My favorite are the Daisy designs so you definetely want to check em’ out.

Click here to shop Story Buttons.


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How To Get Started With Story

You can get started with Story by Kranz and Ziegler a couple of ways. The first is you can select from over a dozen different bracelets and add charms to create your story. The second and the best way is to get a Story Starter Bracelet because you save a few dollars when you get a charm, and a bracelet together. There are 4 different bracelet choices to get started with but there is an option is gold or silver so really it is 8 different bracelets.

Grey Suede & Flower Charm Starter Bracelet
Grey Suede & Flower Charm Starter Bracelet

The first starter is the grey braided leather wrap bracelet with flower slide charm. The flower is really cute, and with the grey bracelet it lends to either a really sleek, or edgy look that looks great with a lot of story charms. This one is prominently displayed in the launch marketing and so it should be. A fun, and flirty look with a very different and unique suede bracelet color.

White Eco Leather & Gold Plated Cross Charm Starter
White Eco Leather & Gold Plated Cross Charm Starter


Next up is the white stitched Eco leather wrap bracelet and cross charm. I think the gold one looks better because it accents the white very well. If you like the gold look than I think this would be the bracelet for you. Also, the cross is one of the more expensive charms by itself, so you are getting a really good deal.

Gold Heart & 6 Strand Leather Starter Bracelet
Gold Heart & 6 Strand Leather Starter Bracelet


The 6 strand black leather bracelet works really well with either slide, button, or regular charms. This one is With the slide heart charm , with a little CZ in the middle. It has a matte finish on the gold so it is not too shiny.

Silver Owl & Braided 3 Strand Leather Story Starter Bracelet
Silver Owl & Braided 3 Strand Leather Story Starter Bracelet

Owls are really trending right now and you can rest assured that there is no cuter owl than this one from Story. All the jewelry designers are adding owl motifs to their collections,and Kranz & Ziegler with Story is no different. 3 strand braided cord bracelet with owl charm looks great with either the silver or gold owl. And the owl charm has 2 CZs for the eyes.

So, you have some really great choices to get started with Story. Now, only one question remains… Which one do you want?

[box type=”tick” icon=””]Shop Starter Story Bracelets.[/box]


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Layered Look ver2
The new jewelry line... Story by Kranz & Ziegler.

Introducing, a new website and online store that is completely dedicated to Story by Kranz and Ziegler.

You can find out what Story is and get all the latest news and updates. Plus, you can shop for all your favorite bracelets and charms in an easy shopping expierence with beautiful pictures, fast loading site, and accepting payments safe and secure via PayPal.

One of the first things you should really do is check out the Discover Story section of the site. That will give you a great overview of the whole line in a quick and easily readable format.

I think the best thing about Story is that it gives you a really cool look, by mixing both the leather wrap bracelet and charm bracelet trends and combines them with a really quality product.

Story Bracelet

I have seen a lot of jewelry lines both coming to market and that has been in the market, and Story is one of the most exciting new line I have seen in a while. It’s different, edgy… That is what I like about.

So it is good news all around with Story.

You definitely want to check out the shop and browse around for yourself.

One thing that Story by Kranz & Ziegler has going for it, it’s a really cool bracelet and it has a great company behind it.

That is it for now, talk soon,